Shannon K. Brown Grant

Shannon, a mother, wife, sister and daughter was a sparkling light who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 34 and earned her angel wings two years later.  She left an amazing legacy of commitment to other patients and we honor her every day. Even as she was going through her own cancer journey, Shannon was present for other breast cancer patients through her involvement with The CARE Project.  She was instrumental in working with Carrie to develop the Mentor Program and was committed to raising male breast cancer awareness.  She served as a Survivor Mentor and helped facilitate the Survivor Social Club. Her positivity was a gift to other patients. 
Male or female diagnosed under the age of 40 and living within the Inland Empire of So California.
Must be undergoing active treatment or within 60 days of last treatment. (Treatment meaning chemotherapy, radiation or surgery)


Marlyn Washburn Grant

(Pic of Marlyn and Pat Washburn)

Marlyn was the father of five children, grandfather of twenty-one and great grandfather of seven. His lifelong passion was his family and public school education.  He served for 41 years as a secondary math teacher, a coach of many sports both in school and during the summers, an Athletic Director and finally as a Secondary High School Principal.  His oldest daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after turning 40.  Marlyn was a great source of moral and emotional support for her.  Two years after her diagnosis, he was also diagnosed with breast cancer. He had just celebrated his 66th birthday.  Genetic testing was done, but neither appeared to have any genetic mutations.  Today his daughter is a survivor and follows in her father’s footsteps of educating in the public school system.  Marlyn was one who did not believe breast cancer could happen to a man.  However, after his diagnosis, he felt the need to educate others.  He chose a personalized Breast Cancer Awareness license plate for his car that is still used today, “MEN 2”.  He would be honored to know The CARE Project, Inc. has established a fund, and this grant, to help men facing financial concerns after their own breast cancer diagnosis.

Male patients – regardless of age and location.
Must be undergoing active treatment or within 60 days of last treatment.
(Treatment meaning chemotherapy, radiation or surgery)

Marlyn’s story can be seen at Marlyn Washburn – The Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance (  

Adam’s Angels

Grants for children left behind when a parent dies from breast cancer.

To be determined on a case by case basis and dependent on budget.

Who is Adam?

Adam is a 6-year-old boy whose mother, Carmen, received a devastating breast cancer diagnosis at the young age of 25. Tragically, the cancer metastasized to her lungs and brain, and Carmen passed away just five months after celebrating her 30th birthday. Carmen impacted the lives of many; she was not only a devoted mother to Adam, but a cherished friend, girlfriend, sister, cousin, and niece. She had also taken on the responsibility of caring for her younger brothers with the support of Sam, the love of her life and Adam’s father.

Before her passing, Sam promised Carmen that he would raise her brothers as his own, and he immediately stepped up to fulfill this promise. The day immediately following Carmen’s passing, Sam was at Men’s Wearhouse to ensure that Carmen’s brother Chris would be well-dressed for his upcoming prom. Being so young, Carmen had not considered the importance of life insurance. After receiving a cancer diagnosis at only 25 – often seen as a pre-existing condition by insurance providers – Carmen’s passing has placed a heavy financial burden on Sam with over $20,000 in funeral expenses, along with the responsibility of providing for both his son Adam and Carmen’s brothers.

At The CARE Project, our motto is “Never Stop Caring”. The Adam’s Angel’s program stands as a testament to our commitment to supporting our community of those impacted by breast cancer, which includes their loved ones left behind. Your support will enable us to establish a fund, in remembrance of Carmen, aimed at offering financial assistance to children who find themselves having to navigate life without a mother or father due to the passing of their loved one from breast cancer.
Parent died from breast cancer within the last 90 days.
Family lives within the Inland Empire of Southern California.
Child/Children between the ages of Newborn to 17.

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