Male Breast Cancer

Because Breast Cancer is not just a Woman’s Disease.

Did you know 1 in 833 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime? If you or someone you love has been diagnosed, we are here for you.

Since the inception of The CARE Project, Inc., it has been part of our mission statement and beliefs that we must raise awareness about male breast cancer and support the men who have been diagnosed. One in 833 men will be diagnosed in their lifetime, and 480 die each year within the United States. Many men are diagnosed in their later stages simply from not knowing the symptoms of breast cancer.
Men face the same types of tests, surgeries and treatments as women do.Unfortunately, those treatments, scans and medications are often denied by insurance coverage simply because of their gender. They also sit in women’s health clinics, sometimes in pink gowns, while reading literature all written for female patients.
For all of the reasons above, these are our goals at The CARE Project:
1.) Raise awareness that men can and DO get breast cancer, both within our own community and abroad, through hands on workshops, literature and social media campaigns.
2.) Encourage the medical community to be more inclusive of male patients when developing literature, treatment centers and billing systems.
3.) Connect recently diagnosed male patients with male survivor mentors through our partnership with the Male Breast Cancer Coalition which has a global brotherhood of survivors.
4.) Provide the exact same support to male patients as we do females. Chemo CARE Packages, chemo jackets, financial support and mentorship.

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