Meet The Founders

Every now and then, we are fortunate enough to meet someone who immediately becomes like family, not just a friend. This was the case for Carrie and Christina. They have many things in common, but the most important is their love of CARING for others. Christina was responsible for naming The CARE Project, Inc. and thought it only fitting for two reasons: 1.) Caring is what we do best. 2.) It’s Carrie’s nickname to those close to her.

Carrie Madrid
Founder & President
Carrie began The CARE Project Inc., two years after her own Stage III diagnosis. She realized that there weren’t any local organizations providing financial support to patients undergoing treatment. She also wanted to socialize with others in treatment instead of attending a traditional support group.

Christina Gonzalez
Christina is a natural caregiver, and has been with The CARE Project since it’s inception.  She agreed to be Carrie’s Co-Founder  and has assisted with bringing her ideas of what The CARE Project could be into a reality. As Carrie’s personal friend, she knew firsthand what Carrie endured following surgery and chemotherapy treatments. She served as one of Carrie’s caregivers. Christina loves to work behind the scenes, is a master of details and is our Special Events Coordinator.

Video courtesy of Believe Walk®

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