How we CARE

“We realize that while patients are undergoing and/or recovering from treatment, most cannot work full time and therefore their incomes are significantly less than usual. This means that everyday necessities become luxuries. We aim to help with those very needs so the patient can focus on healing”.
-Carrie Madrid, Founder & President


Our Impact On The Community

“Carrie and her team do a number of GREAT deeds throughout the community! They are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!”
Tracey Viramontes, RN

“Best thing that has happened to me since my diagnosis. Great people!”
Ayanna C., Breast Cancer Survivor

“The CARE Project’s motto is Never Stop Caring and they live up to that every day.”
Charlynn J. Breast Cancer Survivor

“TCP is doing amazing work and is truly a miracle to so many women and men that are looking for hope and love. I am so grateful to be a part of the organization.”Lavetta R., Metastatic Breast Cancer Thriver & Volunteer

“I am thankful to TCP for being there at my time of need. Being with and talking to others who knew what I was going through brought me so much comfort and allowed me to move forward in my recovery and wellness. I couldn’t have done this alone.”
Diana J., Breast Cancer Survivor & Volunteer


The many different ways we help…

Financial Assistance

  • Grants for utility bills, rental assistance and co-pays.
  • Uber, Lyft or Fuel cards to help with transportation to and from treatments.
  • Gift cards for groceries and household items.
  • Compression sleeves by LympheDIVAS
  • The Shannon K. Brown and Marlyn Washburn Grants are awarded to two individuals in financial crisis.  These grants are typically awarded annually.
  • Adam’s Angels Grant are for children left behind when a parent dies from breast cancer.

Emotional Support
Our Survivor Social Club was established  for those going through and recovering from treatment.  This is a group of Survivors who share a common bond and want to socialize with others who have “been there, done that.”  Our English, Spanish and Metastatic groups meet quarterly.

  • Survivor/Patient mentoring – newly diagnosed are matched with a survivor for one on one support.
  • Health & Wellness – From time to time we have special guests join us for classes/workshops on things such as hormone management, mental health, nutrition and mindfulness. and more. We aim to focus on prevention and recovery through health and wellness and have partnered with volunteer nutritionists, instructors, physicians and therapists.

Doula Services
End of Life Doula Services – Our Founder and President, Carrie Madrid, is now a Certified CareDoula who is providing services for patients who are at the end of life or have received a terminal diagnosis. For more information, visit Certified CareDoula® 


Men 2 Program

This nationwide program supports males who have heard the words, “You have Breast Cancer”.

The funds allocated to this program assist men with copays, utilities, transportation and rent. 

Appointing Patricia “Pat” Washburn as Director of the Men 2 Program was a no-brainer! Pat has been a  passionate advocate for male breast cancer awareness since losing her husband, Marlyn Washburn, to metastatic breast cancer.  She travels the nation in her Marlyn Mobile spreading awareness to everyone she encounters. She also travels to meet patients she’s connected with through social media. Below is a picture of the #marlynmobile. 

To read Marlyn’s story, click here Marlyn Washburn – The Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance (  


Adam’s Angels

Grants for children left behind when a parent dies from breast cancer.

Parent died from breast cancer within the last 90 days.
Family lives within the Inland Empire of Southern California.
Child/Children between the ages of Newborn to 17.

To be determined on a case by case basis and dependent on budget.

Who is Adam?
Adam is a 6-year-old boy whose mother, Carmen, received a devastating breast cancer diagnosis at the young age of 25. Tragically, the cancer metastasized to her lungs and brain, and Carmen passed away just five months after celebrating her 30th birthday. Carmen impacted the lives of many; she was not only a devoted mother to Adam, but a cherished friend, girlfriend, sister, cousin, and niece. She had also taken on the responsibility of caring for her younger brothers with the support of Sam, the love of her life and Adam’s father.

Before her passing, Sam promised Carmen that he would raise her brothers as his own, and he immediately stepped up to fulfill this promise. The day immediately following Carmen’s passing, Sam was at Men’s Wearhouse to ensure that Carmen’s brother Chris would be well-dressed for his upcoming prom. Being so young, Carmen had not considered the importance of life insurance. After receiving a cancer diagnosis at only 25 – often seen as a pre-existing condition by insurance providers – Carmen’s passing has placed a heavy financial burden on Sam with over $20,000 in funeral expenses, along with the responsibility of providing for both his son Adam and Carmen’s brothers.

At The CARE Project, our motto is “Never Stop Caring”. The Adam’s Angel’s program stands as a testament to our commitment to supporting our community of those impacted by breast cancer, which includes their loved ones left behind. Your support will enable us to establish a fund, in remembrance of Carmen, aimed at offering financial assistance to children who find themselves having to navigate life without a mother or father due to the passing of their loved one from breast cancer.

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